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KristarDesign Anna French trench coat at Kristina Goes West KristarDesign perfectly interacts between the modernism of Northern Europe's countries and the world of fashion to create exceptional freshness, youthfulness and to inject a wicked sense of fun into the label's imaginative and carefree collections.

Its Lithuania-born and Norway-based Creative Director Kristina Vikøren unexpectedly blends her slightly rebellious and naughty nature with a subtle sensitivity to create new, timeless forms and shapes for modern women.

Over the years she has developed creative studios, in both Norway and Lithuania, and constantly draws inspirations from her travels, cultural discoveries to balance diversity and harmony across the many faces of her collections.

In the latest work at Kristina Goes West, KristarDesign is exploring the concept of lightness in heavy materials and consonant of square forms as a base for various patterns. The single-minded aim of this collection is to present KristarDesign's woman with clothes in simple yet constructive lines and high-quality materials.