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While sipping my morning coffee in Seoul and catching up on all European news, the most powerful words have reached me via waves of the Internet radio. 

They turned my skin into the field of goosebumps. They touched my heart and soul. They made me proud of being a woman. And they came from the least expected source - the 22 grand slams winner Serena Williams. 

Personally I adore Serena for her power, for her determination, for her achievements despite all the odds, for her 'never give-up and never surrender' attitude. She is a walking inspiration, a proof that no matter what others say - you can do it. 

Yet her recited Maya Angelou's poem 'Still I Rise' was something different all together. Ethereal. The power and inspiration behind each word, her tone of voice along the string of joyful yet painful victories will go into the history of women empowerment for ever. 

See the full poem here and whenever you hit the choppy waters of uncertainty or challenge, just keep repeating 'I rise. I rise. I rise'.



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