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Kristina Goes West Creative Founder Kristina Armonaite-Ashton
Kristina’s story started in a beautiful country on the shores of the Baltic Sea. She was born in Kaunas, Lithuania during the Russian occupation - when fashion wasn’t as free as it is now. However, she turned this into a positive, finding her passion and the extra drive to explore how style can transform people for the better, no matter what the obstacles.

This appreciation of the transformative power of clothing runs deep in her family with her grandfather being a well-known tailor in Kaunas. Kristina spent her formative years looking for new trends and watching how cuts, materials, colours and the smallest of details can radically improve the way people look and feel unique.

Her career path took her to London to become a well-respected Global Account Director at some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. However, her true passion remained in fashion and she started to write for style magazine L’Officiel in her spare time.

It was whilst visiting various fashion shows around the world that Kristina realised that the designers she knew from the Nordic-Baltic region offered something truly different in comparison to the luxury fashion for masses. This was further supported by the numerous compliments she would receive from friends and strangers on the pieces she bought back home.

This led to her creating the unique online shopping destination KRISTINA GOES WEST in 2012 with an aim to bring established and up-and-coming designers from the Nordic-Baltic region to the style-savvy women around the world.