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Bold and Beauty Dream Factory by Viktorija Launched in 2011 by a Lithuania-born designer Viktorija Eglinskaite, Bold & Beauty Dream Factory (BBDFactory) is a Tel Aviv-based jewellery label that brings your the finest hand-made pieces, inspired by bold dreams and beautiful objects around us.

Viktorija believes that jewellery speaks louder than words. It talks to us the universal language of art, creativity and beauty. Each piece in the BBDFactory collections tells us the story of seen images, memories, experiences, influences and dreams.

Viktorija loves working with Sterling silver, whether it arrives in its purest form or oxidised and gold-plated finishes. Every BBDFactory piece is well thought through and made from the most-suited materials, combining various contrasts, textures, shapes, weights, sizes and styles. All in an aim to achieve designer’s most desired final finish and look.